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17.08.2016 09:59

April 17, 2016 in Vinnitsa and Kazatin there were held unusual Festivals of creativity. The organizers appealed to the inner world of each person, because the movement of the soul is traditionally expressed both in arts and in help to the needy. Creative atmosphere was created by a master of hand-made. Volunteers had the opportunity to learn how to make beautiful souvenirs and postcards during the master classes, and then to give them to the children and old people – members of the community. Or they could just have a nice coffee and sweets. For children, the volunteers held an entertainment program and games. Also for the first time there were held trainings on the topic “Conscious volunteering”, in which was discussed what is volunteering and how to begin to do good deeds. The purpose of training was to show the importance of volunteering for the society, to attract new volunteers to the activities, to form a habit to do good deeds and to fulfill the commandments, such as Tzdakah and Hesed.


J-Serve day 1 (3)